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The Lug Reference Guide from VeloWorks/Richard Sachs, photos by Elton Pope-Lance
The history of the bicycle pedal, time line, and picture gallery brought to you by Speedplay.
The Fixed Gear Gallery site has a scanned copy of Gene Portuesi's Cyclo-pedia catalog
An extensive collection of Peugeot Catalogs and pictures.
A cyclist who dabbles in collecting and trading in high end road and mountain bikes and components - mostly vintage, but modern equipment also.
The Sun Tour website. Not in english, but easy to find archived pictures of their derailers.
A bike shop located in Austin, MN with a detailed collection of vintage bicycles and information online.
CycleArt creates and preserves fine bicycles. They are in to leather now, offering top quality leather saddle recovering, custom tool bags, and other leather accessories.
Fred's Wheels. A collection of Fred's Bicycles, mostly roadsters.
Located in New Bremen, Ohio, The Bicycle Museum of America documents 200 years of American-made bicycles.
Roll Britannia A Yahoo! user group celebrating the Classic British Bicycle.
Bike Works in New York has more types of saddles than you could imagine in their Bicycle Saddle Archive.
www.bulgier.net - /pics/bike/
Bulgier.net is a large online resource of bicycle catalogs, ads, photos.
Beautiful old bikes from the Pryor Dodge collection.
A JOS lighting archive. Follow the link back to the main page for more fascinating bike archives from Joel Metz.
A Morgan & Wright Tires archive. Another fascinating bike archive from Joel Metz.
British trader's site, Pete's Classic Bicycle Parts, with good coverage of the GB brand of brakes and kit.
Pedaling History Bicycle Museum, in Orchard Park, New York, features one of the world's largest collections of antique and classic American bicycles, including thousands of items of cycling-related memorabilia.
Jim Langley provides a wealth of information about bicycles and cycling. Check out his memorabilia pages.
Nostalgic.net is an image archive containing hundreds of images of vintage bicycles, parts and literature. They are balloon-tire specialists.
Saddlebag mounts by Nick Payne.
A rack for a Carradice Lowsaddle Longflap or Junior saddlebag courtesy of Mr. Andy Marchant-Shapiro.
The fastex buckle solution for the Carradice Saddlebags.Created by David Dillard and hosted by Christian Edstrom.

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